What is SCOOSP?

SCOOSP stands for System Center Orchestrator Self Service Portal…. yes, we are sure ; – )

SCOOSP is a Webportal where you can provide your Runbooks as a Service for your Users

We are working hard to finish SCOOSP as soon as possible.

Enjoy the Slideshow at the top, write your E-Mail into the box down below, and you will be the first to know, when SCOOSP is here

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proud about SCOOSP

Those are just a few main Features, there are plenty more

Those are just a few Services you can offer your Users, only your creativity set your limits

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • No Silverlight, no Java, no Flash

  • Including Sample Runbook

  • Add Approvers

  • Extensive Logging and Auditing

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Cutomize to fit your CI

  • and a lot more

  • Reboot a Server

  • Create a VM

  • Create a User

  • Request Mailbox Access

  • Create external User

  • Set out of Office reply

  • Forward my Mail

  • Change my Lastname

  • User is leaving

  • Request File Access

  • Reset my Password

  • Change my User Details

  • Backup my Switch Configuration

  • Request Send As Rights

  • Install a new workstation

  • Request a Software

  • Install Software

  • ReInstall my Workstation